Payroll — State Provisions Coronavirus Roadmap

Payroll | State Provisions Coronavirus Roadmap provides a state-by-state summary of payroll-related changes in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

American Rescue Plan Act Roadmap

Pandemic-relief measures amounting to $1.9 trillion were signed into law under the American Rescue Plan Act. Understand the tax provisions with a practitioner-developed guide.

Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Tax Relief Act

Tax relief measures amounting to $900 billion and $1.4 trillion in government funding were signed into law under the Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Relief Act. Understand the tax provisions with a practitioner-developed guide.

Nov 19, 2020 Webinar

Conquering Payroll Year-End in the Coronavirus Era

During this webinar, tax professionals from KPMG LLP and Bloomberg Tax & Accounting are to discuss key aspects of the 2020 year-end process, with a special focus this year on coronavirus-related payroll compliance necessities for year-end processing.

Healthcare, Tax, and Covid-19

Covid-19 is one of several key concerns for tax professionals within the healthcare industry. As they await the full impact of the presidential election, compliance strategy will hinge upon certain outcomes. Latest Tax Implications on Healthcare covers strategic subjects.

Retailers of Consumer Staples

While Covid-19 has shaken the retail industry, retailers in the business of consumer staples have seen increases in demand that have reduced exposure to stock market fluctuations. In this comprehensive presentation, our analysts explore the federal, state, and international tax considerations relevant to retailers of consumer staples.

Sep 15, 2020 Webinar

Key Coronavirus-Related Payroll Updates Around the World

Many countries have enacted payroll-related relief measures to help employers and employees in response to Covid-19. This webinar will focus on coronavirus-related relief measures in eight key countries where U.S. expatriates operate.

Corporate Tax Survey

At the top of the year, corporate tax departments were setting priorities and beginning to execute their plans. And then there was a pandemic.
The stay-at-home orders introduced unexpected challenges and questions about the future. Tax departments were focusing on introducing technology; however, Covid-19 forced their attention back to legislative tracking and corporate tax reform.

Technology Companies and Tax Compliance Amid Covid-19

Prepare your organization and your clients for a sharp turn toward technology in the wake of the coronavirus. As major players including Facebook, Google, and Apple seek to shift the compliance and legislative scales in their favor, the Tech Giants and Compliance Amid Covid-19 report explores key tech considerations impacting the global tax landscape.

May 12, 2020 Webinar

Latest Coronavirus Impact on State Response to Tax Provisions

Many states entered 2020 still considering the challenges and continued impacts of the 2017 tax act but the coronavirus has brought additional changes to federal tax law to which states are now responding.
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