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Federal Tax

Accounting for Long-Term Contracts (Portfolio 575)

This Portfolio supplies taxpayers with guidance in applying the long-term contract accounting methods and the special set of tax accounting rules provided by the Internal Revenue Code.

Federal Tax

Accounting for Share-Based Compensation (Portfolio 341)

The Portfolio, Accounting for Share-Based Compensation, No. 341, provides a detailed analysis of the rules on share-based compensation contained in FASB Accounting Standards.

Federal Tax

Accounting Methods — Adoption and Changes (Portfolio 572)

This Bloomberg Tax Portfolio provides taxpayers with guidance when adopting or changing an accounting method.

Federal Tax

Accounting Methods — General Principles (Portfolio 570)

Accounting Methods - General Principles discusses the tax effects of selecting an accounting method.

Federal Tax

Accounting Periods (Portfolio 574)

This Bloomberg Tax Portfolio discusses the tax considerations when a taxpayer adopts, or changes to, a particular taxable year and examines the regulations covering those selections and changes.

Federal Tax

Accumulated Earnings Tax (Portfolio 796)

Bloomberg Tax Portfolio, Accumulated Earnings Tax, No. 796, analyzes in detail the problems associated with a corporation's failure to distribute its earnings and profits with the purpose of avoiding the tax on its shareholders.

Federal Tax

Age, Sex and Disability Discrimination in Employee Benefit Plans (Portfolio 363)

Bloomberg Tax Portfolio, Age, Sex and Disability Discrimination in Employee Benefit Plans, No. 363, analyzes the effect of age, sex and disability discrimination statutes on various types of employee benefit plans including pension plans, profit-sharing plans, health plans, and disability benefit plans.

Federal Tax

Amortization of Intangibles (Portfolio 533)

Amortization of Intangibles describes the §197 rules on amortizing intangible assets and the rules on amortizing intangible assets that are not §197 intangibles.

Federal Tax

At-Risk Rules (Portfolio 550)

At-Risk Rules analyzes the rules that limit the deductibility of loss from an activity to the amount with respect to which a taxpayer is "at-risk."

Federal Tax

Audit Procedures for Pass-Through Entities (Portfolio 624)

Bloomberg Tax Portfolio, Audit Procedures for Pass-Through Entities, No. 624, analyzes in detail the statutory rules of §6221–§6234 governing the audits of “TEFRA partnerships.”

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