Healthcare, tax, and Covid-19

Covid-19 is one of several key concerns for tax professionals within the healthcare industry. As they await the full impact of the presidential election, compliance strategy will hinge upon certain outcomes. Latest Tax Implications on Healthcare covers strategic subjects.

Payroll Policy Comparison

See how the candidates’ payroll plans stack up with our easy-to-scan report. You’ll get insights on how your payroll processes may need to pivot after the 2020 presidential election.

Payroll Year-End Checklist

The 2020 Payroll Year-End Checklist was designed for payroll professionals by the experts at Bloomberg Tax & Accounting and by KPMG LLP’s (KPMG) Employment Tax professionals. The checklist includes useful do’s and don’ts to help employers track year-end payroll responsibilities and avoid penalties associated with noncompliance.

2021 Projected U.S. Tax Rates

Bring steadiness to comprehensive tax planning and access the projected tax rates. Available before the release of official figures by the IRS, this report gives tax practitioners and financial professionals an early start on 2021 tax year strategies.

Retailers of consumer staples

While Covid-19 has shaken the retail industry, retailers in the business of consumer staples have seen increases in demand that have reduced exposure to stock market fluctuations. In this comprehensive presentation, our analysts explore the federal, state, and international tax considerations relevant to retailers of consumer staples.

Material Weakness Triggers

Tax law changes such as the CARES Act and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are causing serious complications for financial reporting. Understand the consequences of revalued tax assets and liabilities with our report, Anatomy of a Material Weakness: Did the CARES Act Trigger a Material Weakness in Your Financial Reporting?

Section 163(j) Roadmap

Understand how the business interest expense limitation under Section 163(j) affects deductions with our new roadmap. The Business Interest Expense Limitation 2020 Final & Proposed Regulations Roadmap is your easy-to-scan resource for mastering the new limitations and exceptions in this key area of tax reform.

GILTI Regulations Roadmap

The newly finalized Section 951A of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) involved a tax on global intangible low-taxed income (GILTI). Our Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income (GILTI) Regulations Roadmap explores the four provisions within the preamble that were substantially revised between proposal and finalization.

Financial Accounting (IFRS) Roadmap

The economic implications of the coronavirus created obstacles for corporations in their financial accounting practices. Our Financial Accounting IFRS Coronavirus Roadmap will allow organizations and the professionals advising them to assess changes and explore the unique applications of IFRS that have arisen during the pandemic.

Section 250 Final Regulations Roadmap

Final regulations for Section 250 of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act have been released to address the potential harm GILTI presents to the competitive business position of domestic corporations. Our comprehensive report, Section 250 Final Regulations Roadmap, will guide your organization and clients in 250 deductions and related definitions for taxable years beginning January 1, 2021.

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