Technology Companies and Tax Compliance Amid Covid-19

Prepare your organization and your clients for a sharp turn toward technology in the wake of the coronavirus. As major players including Facebook, Google, and Apple seek to shift the compliance and legislative scales in their favor, the Tech Giants and Compliance Amid Covid-19 report explores key tech considerations impacting the global tax landscape.

Cost Segregation and Fixed Assets: What You Need to Know

Putting a solid cost segregation strategy in place can yield significant benefits, including faster cost recovery using accelerated depreciation methods. This tactic has become even more valuable following the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s bonus depreciation opportunities and the CARES Act’s changes to net operating loss rules.

Financial Accounting (U.S. GAAP) Coronavirus Roadmap

The Financial Accounting (U.S. GAAP) Coronavirus Roadmap holds the answers. It covers the financial accounting components of the CARES Act, filing relief filed by the standard-setters (such as the SEC and FASB), and regular updates of rapidly evolving conditions.

Tackling the Coronavirus: Payroll Plays Its Part

This white paper is a compilation of payroll-related news articles and perspective pieces recently published by Bloomberg Tax & Accounting. The topics covered include new legislation, paid-leave laws, assistance to employers and employees, and payroll processing during the crisis.

State Conformity to CARES Act Coronavirus Roadmap

This coronavirus tax roadmap provides an easy-to-scan summary of state conformity to the stimulus bill – track whether or not a state likely follows the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

Section 245A Regulations Roadmap

The Section 245A Regulations Roadmap highlights key takeaways from the temporary and proposed regulations released thus far.

Payroll – Federal Provisions Coronavirus Roadmap

This roadmap summarizes payroll-related provisions established by the federal government to provide relief to employers and employees in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Payroll – State UI & Income Tax Withholding Coronavirus Roadmap

Track state activity regarding payroll-related changes, in response to the coronavirus outbreak, to provisions on unemployment insurance and income tax withholding from employment income.

Covid-19 Impact on (the Other) TP

Download a free report on the most critical transfer pricing issues businesses should be analyzing now, from Bloomberg Tax & Accounting and Baker McKenzie.

Summary of States’ Wayfair and Marketplace Implementation

This chart provides a top-line summary of the current economic nexus and marketplace facilitator thresholds implemented following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair.

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