Biden’s Green Book

Get presentation-ready slides to share with stakeholders covering the first Green Book since 2017.

2021 Individual Tax Planning Guide

Reduce individual federal and state tax burdens by planning ahead – access a 2021 guide designed for CPAs and other tax planning professionals.

Understanding the EU VAT changes

This complimentary report offers expert analysis and insights into the EU’s latest Value Added Tax (VAT) changes for e-commerce. Click to download.

Tax Challenges in Technology

Learn common challenges that will face corporate tax departments across the technology industry and get insights on how to address them.

Bonus Depreciation Final Rules

Bonus Depreciation Final Rules On September 21, 2020, the Treasury and IRS released final regulations under T.D. 9916 impacting bonus depreciation rules. This complimentary OnPoint – a combination of ready-to-use presentation slides – outlines key aspects of the final regulations, including: Qualified improvement property (QIP) “Made by the taxpayer” requirements QIP ineligibilities QIP examples Clarification […]

Transfer Pricing Forum Report

This report identifies the latest transfer pricing developments across various countries and the current impact on country transfer pricing practices.

Survey of State Tax Departments | Executive Summary

Get insights into how states implemented corporate income tax, sales and use tax laws and taxation of pass-through entities. Click for the full report.

Digital Revolution: Transfer Pricing on the Global Tax Battlefield

This free report analyzes the latest tax and transfer pricing issues of digital tech businesses, and how to plan for them in the future.

Payroll — State Provisions Coronavirus Roadmap

Payroll | State Provisions Coronavirus Roadmap provides a state-by-state summary of payroll-related changes in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Cost Segregation and Fixed Assets: What You Need to Know

Putting a solid cost segregation strategy in place can yield significant benefits, including faster cost recovery using accelerated depreciation methods. This tactic has become even more valuable following the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s bonus depreciation opportunities and the CARES Act’s changes to net operating loss rules.

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