Fast, accurate software for corporate tax management

Confidently manage the intricacies of corporate tax calculations with software that helps companies with analysis to support your position while under audit, identify tax savings, plan for legislative impacts, and make more informed decisions.

Corporate Tax Analyzer

Gain control, accuracy, and visibility over every aspect of corporate income tax management and planning. Corporate Tax Analyzer automates and manages complex, multiyear corporate income tax attributes such as carrybacks and carryovers.

Side-by-side scenarios

Save time using multiple side-by-side scenarios to analyze the impact of tax law changes, uncertain tax positions, and implications of business decisions, such as mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, and sales entities.

Accurate 1120 returns

Corporate Tax Analyzer ensures your current and previous form 1120 returns are correct and optimized, using an independent and reliable source of calculations to identify errors.

NOL automation

Quickly calculate the impact of NOLs for filing 1139 claims using multiple scenarios to model out the impact of carryback versus electing out and carrying forward – giving you critical insights to navigate an audit.

The value of our corporate planning software

Timely updates

Timely platform innovations and automatic updates of ever-changing tax laws to ensure you’re getting accurate calculations – always.

Created by experts

Every tax software resource and tool was created by industry experts and practitioners who understand your work.

Maximum efficiency

Each program is built to maximize efficiency and reduce risk, ultimately saving you time, effort, and expense.

Ready to start minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency?

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