Offer year-end,
year-round tax

Income Tax Planner allows you to confidently tackle complex tax planning scenarios, reduce liabilities, and present the most advantageous strategies to your clients, all while working with the latest federal and state tax law.

Maximize return

Accurately project estimated tax payments, capital gains, and taxes for resident and nonresident states. Plan for tax implications all year resulting from marriage, Roth conversions, stock sales, and other events using Income Tax Planner. We have a proven track record of being first-to-market – you can rest assured that the latest tax law has been incorporated.

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Expertise you can trust

Accurately and efficiently show clients what their tax situation looks like with in-depth analysis and comparison of side-by-side scenarios.

Work smart

Create accurate, professional, and effective plans that help your clients reduce tax liabilities and make wise decisions. Easily model and navigate complex tax scenarios. Use Bloomberg Tax & Accounting’s renowned tax expertise, up-to-date calculations, in-depth analytics, projections, and more to plan the best course of action for your clients’ tax, investment, and retirement planning.

  • Rely on the most trusted, best income tax planning software in the business
  • Take advantage of seven different modes of analysis
  • Create tax projections for year-end, quarterly, and multiple years, for up to 20 years
  • Choose the web version with secure, anywhere, anytime access

Plan fast

Turn up the productivity with strategic income tax planning. Income Tax Planner does the heavy lifting for you with timesaving wizards and tools, along with automated calculations and analysis. Just specify the variables you want to model – capital gains, estate tax, farm income, retirement, phaseouts, and more – and get instant results and insight into which strategy is most tax advantageous for your client.

  • Trust our built-in expertise to accurately interpret and apply the latest tax laws
  • Save time and prevent errors with comprehensive calculations back to 1987
  • Import client data from multiple income tax preparation software packages, as well as Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Jump-start your planning with Sample Plans, pre-populated templates (web version)
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Show results

Plan the future with your clients. Whether you’re a CPA, financial planner, or wealth management professional, calculating income tax and showing your clients the impact of different scenarios is easy with side-by-side views and insightful presentations.

  • Eliminate unwanted surprises with a multiyear view of client tax situations
  • Show the value of your plan with easy-to-produce letters, graphs, and reports
  • Use the optional Fifty State Planner for calculations of federal and all resident states; New York City; Washington, D.C.; and nonresident states
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Training and support

Get up to speed and be immediately productive with program tutorials and our NASBA CPE-accredited training classes for Income Tax Planner.

Free, unlimited technical support helps you succeed and get the most out of this powerful tax planner. Staffed with knowledgeable, on-site Bloomberg Tax & Accounting employees (many of whom are attorneys and CPAs), our world-class customer support provides both program expertise and an understanding of the real-world tax and accounting issues you’re facing.

For more information about Income Tax Planner, please call 800.424.2938, or contact your Bloomberg Tax & Accounting representative.