Offer more complex, value-added tax planning services to attract and retain clients

Income Tax Planner allows you to easily create and compare multiple scenarios, minimize your client’s tax liabilities, and present the most advantageous strategies.

Not using the leading tax planning software could put you at disadvantage

Inability to quickly provide your clients advice when tax laws change

Undue stress, wondering if you’ve given your clients the best tax-saving strategy

Forced to refer clients to other advisors for services you can’t offer

Get the best results for your clients and grow your business

Income Tax Planner gives you peace of mind as you strive to help clients grow and preserve wealth. With a wide range of powerful income tax planning and projection capabilities, you can accurately provide your clients with the most comprehensive view of options to minimize their taxes with in-depth analysis and side-by-side comparisons. Calculations, analytics, and the application of the most up-to-date regulations are handled automatically.

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Multiyear outlook

Run year-end, quarterly, and multiyear tax projections for up to 20 years.

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Rock-solid calculations

Quickly calculate federal, state, and nonresident income taxes for alternative minimum tax, capital gains, and more with the most up-to-date calculations available.

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What-if scenario planning

Easily create multiple scenarios and compare side-by-side views to determine the best tax-saving strategies.

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Integrated intel

Expert analysis and the latest tax law updates are automatically applied to help minimize your clients’ tax liabilities.

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Easy data import

Save time and reduce errors with tools to import data from multiple sources.

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Insightful presentations

Ready-to-use letters, graphs, and reports make it simple to show clients their income tax options.

Provide the most advantageous tax advice, every time

See Income Tax Planner in action and how to deliver the best tax strategy for any situation.

See Income Tax Planner in action. Video length: 2:50

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Built-in tax expertise

Rest assured knowing you’re backed by the leading federal and state individual tax planning software.

Up-to-date tax laws

Never miss a tax law change with our proven track record of being first to market with the latest tax law updates.

Secure access

Choose the web version for secure, anywhere, anytime access.

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