There’s a Better Way to Work(paper)

Preparing workpapers in Excel leaves you decoding calculations, manually gathering data, and worried you’re not in line with the latest tax laws. Bloomberg Tax Workpapers changes all of that by giving you the control of spreadsheets with automatic data transformation and timesaving tax-specific functions, all in one solution.

Know all your calculations are up to date

Relying on someone to manually keep your tax calculations up to date is dangerous.

Our workpapers solution automatically updates your calculations with the latest tax laws and includes explanations to give you confidence and clarity on any changes.

Watch your data prep itself

You’ve had to spend so much time and energy manually gathering, organizing, and transferring data – until now. Our robust data transformation technology automates data prep to remove manual risks and give you valuable time back.

Gain total control of workpapers

No more interpreting workpapers prepared by someone else. No more accidental changes to calculations. No more chaos.

Our spreadsheets include revolutionary features that give you total control over every workpaper.

Ready to see Bloomberg Tax Workpapers in action?

Take a tour of Bloomberg Tax Workpapers. This minute-long video shows how you can gain control of your spreadsheets with automatic data transformation and timesaving tax-specific functions.

Like the spreadsheets you know, but better

We intentionally designed Bloomberg Tax Workpapers to mimic the spreadsheet experience you’re used to, so there’s little to no learning curve.

1. Upload

Simply add your existing workpapers as they are – no need to change the format.

2. Automate

Easily automate your data transformation with a system already built for the tax process.

3. Simplify

Manage your entire workpaper process with a single solution that removes risk, gives you more control, and saves time.

Timesaving features purpose-built for tax

We’re constantly thinking of ways to make life better for tax professionals. As the latest addition to our suite of tax solutions, Bloomberg Tax Workpapers automates calculations to remove manual errors and offers a whole new world of spreadsheets loaded with custom tax features.

Let tax-specific data transformation do more for you

  • Automate data processes unique to tax professionals, including cleansing trial balances, M-1 flux analysis, and period-over-period roll forwards.
  • Reduce time-to-value compared to other data transformation tools with a user experience designed for tax professionals.
  • Improve collaboration and auditability of complex data transformation workflows with a cloud-based solution.

Use spreadsheets made just for tax

  • Spreadsheets with tax-specific features help you improve your entire tax process.
  • Bloomberg Tax Workpapers ties your spreadsheet data directly to all other systems and processes within Bloomberg Tax, including Provision, Research, and Fixed Assets.
  • Templates with the latest tax laws give you a strong foundation for new legislation and simplify complex calculations.
  • Cloud-based technology lets you review version history in a single document and collaborate with others faster and easier than ever before.
  • With cell-level review tracking, you know whenever a value changes and who reviewed it.

Discover the new generation Bloomberg Tax suite

Our best-in-class Bloomberg Tax Workpapers product is only one of our innovative tax solutions that change the game for tax department productivity and intelligence. Our suite of integrated tax solutions automates tedious work, minimizes risk, and frees up our customers’ time to do more strategic work.

Provision Software

The most powerful ASC 740 calculation engine on the market – taking manual risks of of the equation.

Flagship Research Platform

The gold standard of reliable and timely tax insight, delivered on an intuitive platform.

Fixed Assets Software

Cloud-based asset management tool that automatically and accurately calculates depreciation.

See how Bloomberg Tax Workpapers will work for you

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