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Bloomberg Tax Workpapers is a cloud-based software solution that combines the power of automated data transformation with the flexibility of a spreadsheet. Move beyond Excel and improve the end-to-end workpaper process with integrated tax guidance, data prep, and controls purpose-built for tax professionals – all in a single solution.

Automate data prep

This powerful data transformation tool is built for tax professionals by tax professionals. Save time year after year by automating repetitive data transformations in your workpapers.

  • Automate workflows, such as trial balance cleansing and M-1 flux analysis, with tax-centric data transformation capabilities.
  • Reduce time-to-value compared to other data transformation tools with a user experience designed for tax professionals.
  • Improve collaboration and auditability of complex data transformation workflows with a cloud-based solution.

Connect to Tax Provision

Integration with Bloomberg Tax Provision streamlines workflows, eliminates manual data entry, and keeps your tax provision calculations accurate and up to date.

  • Configure data transformation rules to match your fully customized Tax Provision structure.
  • Once rules are defined, reuse the data transformations to send outputs directly to Tax Provision without having to copy/paste values or manually upload files.
  • Securely send calculated values to Tax Provision through encrypted data transfer.

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Strengthen controls

This cloud-based solution offers the flexibility and speed of a spreadsheet with controls that stand up to the rigors of a SOX audit.

  • Eliminate the risk of unintended changes to workpaper calculations with cell-level change tracking and reviews.
  • Improve controls and streamline the audit process with workpaper sign-offs.
  • Quickly identify whether your team is on track and take action with a global view of workpaper status.

Streamline calculations

Enrich your workpapers with integrated tax guidance contextualized to your company’s facts and circumstances.

  • Reduce the risk of error in your calculations with custom tax functions that leverage a continuously updated database of tax rates and information.
  • Increase confidence and improve reviewability with embedded citations to primary source guidance.
  • Find information faster with links to related Bloomberg Tax Research content, enabling deeper analysis when necessary.

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