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Tax Authors Wanted

Take your expertise to an international audience – increasing your exposure and marketability – by becoming a Bloomberg Tax author. We want your authoritative understanding on a variety of topics related to federal, state, and international tax law.

Authorship allows you to:

  • Join the renowned Bloomberg Tax family of quality and reliability
  • Be featured on Bloomberg Tax and the Bloomberg Terminal
  • Share your expertise with a global audience of tax professionals
  • Contribute to the leading source of tax news and analysis

Tax Management Portfolios

Be affiliated with the gold standard Tax Management Portfolios. Practice areas include U.S. Income, U.S. International and Foreign Income, Compensation Planning, Estate Planning, Corporate Taxation, Pass-Through Entities, and Real Estate, among other topics.

Please send Portfolio pitches and submissions to taxarticles@bloombergindustry.com.

Insights and Journals

Bloomberg Tax Insights & Commentary offer inside views and expert analysis of current events and issues in tax practice and policy, including recent tax trends and topics such as cannabis and crypto, tax court cases and IRS regulations, and firm practice and management.

Insights & Commentary are popular and read by tax professionals, corporate executives and business owners, lobbyists, and government leaders. They are published outside the paywall on The Exchange, as well as a variety of Bloomberg Tax sites such as Daily Tax Report.

Blomberg Tax Journals – Tax Management Memorandum and Tax Management International – provide technical insight and expert analysis on complex issues for practicing tax professionals. Journals offer a range of opinions, practical analysis, and planning points on recent cases, regulations, legislation, and international tax developments.

Our goal is to help you publish the best work possible. Our team will work with you from submission to publication and distribution. Articles should feature original analysis, helpful insights, and thoughtful opinions. Articles that examine new trends, technologies, or practices that impact tax professionals are always welcome.

Editorial Guidelines

Insight & Commentary articles must be no longer than 1,000 words, while Tax Management Memo and International Journal contributions should be no less than 3,000 words.

Works must be original. We don’t publish articles that have been published or will appear elsewhere.

We don’t use footnotes or endnotes, but we encourage hyperlinks to sources.

We encourage you to suggest a headline for your draft as long as it’s no more than 64 characters, including spaces. We reserve the right to change headlines.

We have a limit of three authors per Insight, and five per Journal article.

We encourage you to submit charts or graphs that make your article more compelling, which, if approved, we can re-create with our graphics team.

Insights & Commentary drafts must be submitted in MS Word and emailed to TaxInsights@bloombergindustry.com.

Please submit Journal drafts to taxarticles@bloombergindustry.com.

We will send you an author agreement via DocuSign when we receive your draft. We won’t publish without a signed author agreement.

When we receive your draft, we will assume that you have already reviewed your organization’s internal guidance and have the necessary approvals.

Please submit a complete article. While you may make minor changes before publication, such as a citation update, submissions should be as close to ready for publication as possible.

Please submit a headshot and a bio to be published with your article. Bios should be 1-2 sentences and describe your current role. It can describe a past role if it’s relevant to the article. We reserve the right to edit and shorten bios.

We don’t include external disclaimers.

The article will link to your bio and contact information.

We value our readers’ time and want to publish Insights and Journal articles that are current and impactful. Keep that in mind as you consider the timeliness and content of your submission.

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