Update on Opportunity Zones

With an estimated $6 trillion of idle capital gains in the economy and plenty of potentially lucrative markets available, opportunity zone funds are poised to become a go-to vehicle for wealthy investors looking for tax-advantaged ways to redeploy capital gains.

Lease Accounting Early Learnings and Best Practices

As the most significant change to lease accounting in decades, transitioning to the new lease accounting standard ASC 842 or to IFRS 16, requires users to examine closely at how they maintained and reported their existing lease information in their financial statements.

Cyber Crisis: How to Respond to a Payroll Breach

A key attribute of the payroll profession is the ability to secure employee and company data. Those payroll obligations are increasingly under attack as cybercriminals develop new ways to dupe the unsuspecting into giving up private information or redirecting payroll funds.

Unpacking the Challenges of State Tax Depreciation

As tax practitioners, we sometimes wish states would all follow the federal treatment when it comes to calculating taxable income.