Automate your fixed assets management

Improve productivity and avoid costly errors with automation software that manages the complete fixed assets life cycle – from construction and purchase to retirement. Regardless of your company size, our software is scalable to handle any number of users, assets, and locations.

Save time and money

See fixed assets automation in action.

Complete asset management and control

Our risk-reducing software brings you peace of mind from construction and acquisition through disposal.

Reduce losses

Regulatory changes and the CARES Act

  • Ease the potential for losses
  • Crack the code on GILTI and Sections 168(k) and 163(j)
  • Model different depreciation options to evaluate the impacts on downstream calculations

Integrate fully

Integrated ERP systems and software

  • Integrate with any ERP system or compliance software
  • Reconcile book and tax depreciation
  • Eliminate manual data entry and synchronize all fixed assets data

Eliminate errors

State bonus depreciation calculations

  • Determine fixed assets bonus depreciation with state books and reports
  • Create books and reports for the most complex states with built-in depreciation rules
  • Generate a federal-to-state tax depreciation comparison

Gain insight

In-depth data visualization with DataView for Excel

  • Pull data into Excel automatically
  • Create custom reports or generate a report from standard report templates
  • Customize reports with unlimited asset fields

Gain control

Tracking for Construction in Progress

  • Track CIP assets for multiple projects
  • Convert CIP assets into depreciating assets
  • Control and compare budgeted expenses to actual expenses

Audit with ease

Automatic currency translations

  • Track and audit exchange rates
  • Automate currency translations based on historical or current rates
  • Support multiple currencies with the option to report in one or more currencies at the corporate level

Manage state bonus depreciation for nonconforming states

Create a state book or report for complicated states. The fixed assets depreciation feature calculates state depreciation for nonconforming states – including California, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, and Minnesota – with total ease.

Designed for corporations and CPA firms

We ensure both CPA firms and corporations benefit from automation and have access to the tools and resources necessary for effective management and decision-making.


  • Add value with operational efficiency and reliable financial controls
  • Streamline and optimize fixed assets management across your corporation
  • Gain confidence in the accuracy of your depreciation calculations with built-in expertise
  • Dramatically shorten closing times
  • Stay up to date on all relevant federal and state tax law changes

CPA firms

  • Access secure client data anytime, anywhere for better collaboration and increased productivity
  • Ensure accuracy for clients with up-to-date calculations and automatic validation
  • Gain better data quality control with comprehensive administrative capabilities
  • Access current tax and accounting rules to expertly advise clients

Top 10 fixed assets challenges

Managing fixed assets represents significant challenges for organizations. Learn how to navigate the top challenges of fixed assets management, leading to valuable tax savings opportunities, greater efficiency, and better bottom lines.


Detangling state tax conformity

Learn about three things taxpayers can start doing today to help navigate the complexities of state tax conformity.

Net operating losses

Understand the changes made by the CARES Act to NOLs.

Qualified improvement property

Learn about what types of improvements are considered qualified improvement property, the bonus depreciation rate for QIP, and the changes enacted by the CARES Act.

Business interest expense limitation 

Learn about the changes, how §163(j) defines “interest,” the impact of the CARES Act, and more.

Building a business case for tax automation

Learn how to demonstrate the value tax automation software can bring to your company by saving time, reducing errors, and improving data integrity.

Tax depreciation

Maximize deductions with the right intel.

Our fixed assets automation customers

Our customers agree – Fixed Assets is easy to use and provides efficiencies that have created real impacts on their organizations.

Bloomberg Tax & Accounting Fixed Assets was, by far, the easiest system to use while offering all the functionality we were looking for. We saved 400 hours of effort and completed our review three weeks sooner than the previous year.
Federal Tax Manager
Illinois Tool Works (ITW)

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