Maximize Your Return on Fixed Assets

With Advantage Fixed Assets software, you gain accuracy and control to empower better decisions, optimize tax savings, shorten financial close times, and respond to change faster.

Key Product Features

Work smarter with built-in Bloomberg Tax expertise, up-to-date tax code, and GAAP rules for fixed assets accounting.

Gain full visibility and control of your fixed asset data with Open Timeline (a Bloomberg Tax & Accounting exclusive that keeps a thorough and secure audit trail of all changes).

Rely on automatic calculations that handle everything from gain and loss, investment tax credit, bonus depreciation, disposals, and more.

Streamline integration between internal systems and Advantage Fixed Assets to automate repetitive tasks, transform data, and facilitate workflows.

Advantage Fixed Assets State Books

Our latest software solution enables you to calculate state depreciation for nonconforming states with total ease.

Asset Inventory

Perform accurate asset inventory from receipt of the asset through retirement

  • Assurance that the assets you have on hand match your financial data
  • Reduced federal tax liabilities by writing off ghost assets
  • Lower personal property taxes by retiring assets no longer in use
  • Reduced insurance premiums by properly identifying and classifying assets and their conditions
  • Increased efficiency of capital budgeting through more effective reuse of assets
  • Reduced risk and potential losses due to theft with quick and accurate audits
  • Supporting documentation for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

Tax Reform Muddies the Water on Bonus Depreciation

Learn how the final regulations under 168(k) regarding 100% bonus depreciation provide anticipated clarity for the proposed regulations that were issued in August 2018.

Benefits For Corporations

  • Streamline and optimize your fixed assets management
  • Be confident that your depreciation calculations are accurate with our built-in expertise
  • Dramatically shorten closing times
  • Effortlessly be up to date on all relevant federal and state tax law changes
  • Respond to change faster and have more time for strategic activities

Benefits For CPAs

Streamline the flow of data with and increase efficiency while ensuring accuracy for your clients with up-to-date calculations and automatic validation and enforcement of tax law and accounting rules.

Professional Services

Our experienced professional services staff can help you quickly migrate data from existing systems and get you up and running. Once the setup is done, easily run real-time Excel reports, generate disclosures, and send journal entries to multiple ERP/GL systems.

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