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How to account for NOLs and credits under ASC 740

Understand how NOLs and tax credits affect the ASC 740 provision for income taxes and how tax provision software can help account for NOLs and credits.

Cryptocurrency Sales and Use Tax by State

Get a complete state-by-state breakdown of cryptocurrency tax laws at a glance.

Cryptocurrency Taxation Regulations

Learn how to navigate the complex nuances of cryptocurrency tax law at the federal, international, and state levels.

How to calculate the ASC 740 tax provision

Understand the ASC 740 tax provision, how to calculate the provision for income tax, and how tax provision software can help practitioners.

Unpacking EU’s DAC7 Directive

Learn about the EU’s new DAC7 directive, including who will be affected, what activities it covers, DAC7 deadlines, and how to prepare.

Top Fortune 500 Aerospace and Defense Company Relies on Bloomberg Tax & Accounting

Case Study: Understand the full financial implications of tax laws and accounting standards on mergers and acquisitions, investments, and business-related transactions with Bloomberg Financial Accounting. The results will be time savings, clarity, and confidence in knowing and accurately applying the latest rules to optimize tax and accounting practices.

Flexential maximizes time, effort, and accuracy with Tax Prodigy Provision

Learn how Tax Prodigy Provision helped IT provider Flexential save time and effort, and ensure accuracy, by simplifying its approach to tax provision.

Novo Building Products trades complicated spreadsheets for simplicity and accuracy with Tax Prodigy Provision

Learn how Novo Building Products simplified its spreadsheet-heavy tax provision process with Tax Prodigy Provision.

What Is Transfer Pricing?

Learn about IRS and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) guidelines and definitions related to transfer pricing and how to avoid penalties.

Match Group empowers its new corporate tax team with expert news, analysis, and research tools

See how technology company Match Group uses Bloomberg Tax to save time and money understanding complex tax issues.
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