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Proposed FASB Changes to Income Tax Disclosures: Are Blended State Rates Over?

Stay up to date on FASB's Exposure Draft and how these proposed changes to income tax disclosures could affect the provision process.

Tax Deduction for Accrued Bonuses

Learn how to properly deduct accrued bonuses for tax and ensure your company doesn’t have an unrecorded tax liability.

How the Inflation Reduction Act Impacted Corporate AMT and Depreciation

Discover how the Inflation Reduction Act has affected the alternative minimum tax for corporations and bonus depreciation

OECD, BEPS, and the Multilateral Instrument: Navigating International Tax Treaties

As companies and nations aim to avoid disputes over international taxes, the multilateral instrument (MLI) aims to preserve the role of bilateral income tax treaties in eliminating double taxation worldwide.

A Guide to Proposed FASB Updates to Income Tax Disclosures

Learn how to navigate the accounting standards update proposed by FASB, including changes to income tax disclosure requirements.

Achieve an Optimal ETR With Our Fixed Assets Software

Effective Tax Rate (ETR) is the average rate of tax payable by an individual or corporation. Explore expert advice on how to calculate and optimize ETR.

Your Current Approach to Fixed Assets Isn’t Worth the Risk

Discover how to mitigate risk and wasted time that comes with other fixed assets software by switching to Bloomberg Tax.

Explore Bloomberg Tax Research

See what’s included in Bloomberg Tax Research – from trusted news and analysis to practice tools and Portfolios.

Why Choose Bloomberg Tax?

Now is the time to rethink your approach to tax research. Find out how to avoid the increased risks and wasted time that come with other tax research solutions by switching to Bloomberg Tax.

Corporate Tax Planning

Understand the latest tax developments and how they could impact your corporate tax planning and management strategies.
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