A history of excellence.

Our tax planning and compliance software solutions continue to bring innovation and built-in tax expertise honed through years of experience.

Key milestones.

BNA Software was founded as a division of BNA In 1983, leveraging BNA’s deep tax expertise to deliver practical technology applications to serve the needs of tax & accounting professionals.
In 1984, BNA Income Tax Planner hit the market, transforming how accountants developed individual tax planning strategies to reduce their client’s tax liabilities and make wise decisions with great efficiency and accuracy.
In 1987, BNA Fixed Assets software was introduced, helping companies manage and calculate their tax depreciation more efficiently.
In 1996, BNA Estate & Gift Tax 706 Planner software gave tax professionals BNA software to help them navigate the nuances of Form 706 with ease and clarity – the only tax planning software on the market to do so with the complete backing of the experts at Bloomberg Tax.
In 2001, we expanded our technology into the web. BNA Fixed Assets Enterprise enabled accountants and in-house tax professionals to quickly determine their tax responsibilities on their assets through a secure, web-hosted BNA tax software solution.
In 2015, Bloomberg Tax State Tax Analyzer, the first and only multi-state, multi-year, multi-scenario state tax analysis tool for corporate income tax, was released to market, addressing the state income tax modeling and analysis needs of the enterprise corporations.
In 2018, we introduced the Advantage Platform which streamlines tax management with an integrated set of workflow and software applications which now include Advantage State Tax Analyzer, Advantage Fixed Assets, and Advantage Leased Assets.
In 2018, Advantage Leased Assets was introduced to the market to help organizations address and comply with the new FASB ASC 842 standards, and in 2019 was enhanced to manage IFRS 16 requirements.
In 2019, Advantage Fixed Assets introduces State Books to handle the complexities of state bonus depreciation with ease and accuracy.

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