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BNA Picks offer easier, faster access to the information you need with enhanced functionality and navigational tools covering critical federal, state and international tax topics in all 50 states and nearly 160 countries

The BNA Picks frame displays with the Search Results list and provides a shortcut to related Tax Management Portfolio™ analysis, practice tools, Code sections, regulations, Fast Answers™, news and more.

Practice tools from seasoned practitioners

Increase efficiency by using proven, exclusive timesaving practice aids, including formulas illustrated, transactional diagrams, and elections & compliance statements.

Formulas Illustrated

Formulas illustrated are simplified, visual aids that presents formulas from the Code and regulations in an easily understandable visual format. Additional information on each formula, including relevant citations, is provided in the notes and sources section. Examples of the formulas in the library include:

  • Minimum Distribution Requirement for REITs
  • Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Post-2020 NOL Deduction
  • Basis to Distributees for Nonrecognition Property

Transactional Diagrams

Gain a better understanding of important fact patterns and save time while conducting research with access to more than 1,000 transactional diagrams. Each diagram is presented in a clear format and includes a summary of relevant facts and links to the source documents as well as IRC and regulation sections cited in the source document.

Election & Compliance Statements

Benefit from 700 elections & compliance statements to more effectively and efficiently provide tax guidance and compliance services to your company and clients. These insightful procedures and statement templates provide cross-references to the detailed analysis found in the Tax Management Portfolios and the Tax Practice Series and can be used by business entities, individuals, estates, trusts, and exempt organizations when considering optional reporting methods.

Practice Guides & Checklists

When conducting research, you need to be confident that you can get to the most relevant information, quickly and easily. Bloomberg Tax’s Practice Guides & Checklists are concise, easy-to-use, practitioner-written guides enabling you to get a quick overview on a given topic. The guides are linked to relevant Tax Management Portfolios for a deeper dive and contain downloadable checklists.

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