Use smarter AI-enabled-tools, have a smarter tax plan

Bloomberg Tax already delivers the best automated technology to help tax professionals elevate and simplify their work. With recent advancements in AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, the best gets better.

That’s why we’ve created the AI Lab—AI-powered features that allow forward-thinking tax professionals to tap into the next generation of Bloomberg Tax AI tools.

Tax moves fast, but you can move faster

With the tax technology coming your way, you will one up even your best to date.

Find answers quicker

Our AI models can pull the data you need so you spend less time looking for information and more time planning.

Understand practical analysis better

Get AI-generated output that draws from gold standard Portfolios and links directly to the Portfolio being referenced.

Optimize your tax position

Having more time and easier access to information gives you the capacity to discover new tax-saving strategies.

Explore Bloomberg Tax AI Lab

Test drive the latest tax innovations now and get ahead of the curve.

Get answers in seconds

The first experience we are releasing within our AI Lab is our generative AI-powered question & answer search function that will revolutionize the way you perform your tax research. A large language model built into our Research platform gives quick AI-generated responses to searches within our Fast Answers, Portfolios, and Navigators products.

Be the first to use new AI features

If you’ve used any the of Bloomberg Tax products, you’re not new to the power of innovation. Now, the ceiling for what’s possible is far higher, and the product roadmap in front of us will continue to deliver revolutionary features. So, if you love tax intelligence and efficiency as much as we do, you’ll want to get your hands on them ASAP.

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Responsible innovation

Exploring new technology is not new to us. Bloomberg Tax leads the tax industry with advancements in innovation. So, we understand our responsibility to build these advanced innovations with careful consideration and thorough testing.

That’s precisely why we have programs like the AI Lab. It enables us to leverage user feedback that informs improvements and delivers a smoother experience as features become a permanent part of Bloomberg Tax.

Don’t wait to see what Bloomberg Tax’s AI can do for you

Bloomberg Tax simplifies the entire tax process with technology that automates tedious work, minimizes risk, and puts you in the best tax position possible.

Join us to build the next generation of tax work together.

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