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Corporate Considerations and Planning Opportunities

As we get closer to the new tax year, it is important to make note of new and expired tax provisions that may affect your business or your client’s business.

Filing Corporate Taxes Online: To E-file or Not to E-file?

Learn when you're required to e-file corporate tax returns, which proposed regulations would significantly decrease the threshold number of annual information return filings that mandate e-filing, and best practices for both in-house and professional e-filers.

The Inflation Reduction Act: Corporate tax provisions

Learn how this legislation closes tax loopholes used by the largest corporations and incentivizes businesses and individuals to boost their use of renewable energy.

Avnet uses Bloomberg Tax for international tax research

Learn how Fortune 500 company Avnet saves time on international tax research spanning hundreds of countries.

How to Conduct Federal Tax Research

Learn how to conduct tax research, including why it’s necessary, steps in the process, and techniques for fast, efficient searching.

OECD and Taxation of the Digital Economy

Learn how the OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) addresses tax challenges arising from the growth of the digital economy.

DAC6: EU’s New Mandatory Disclosure Regime

DAC6 poses cross-border tax compliance challenges for multinational companies. Learn more about the EU’s new mandatory disclosure directive.

2021 Corporate Tax Survey Results

Find out how survey participants responded to questions about tax reform, mitigating risk, the tax department function, staffing issues, and more.

Checklists for Simplifying the Tax Provision Process

Learn how to break the tax provision process into three elements, so you can efficiently manage and troubleshoot all ASC 740 calculations.

Common IRS Audit Triggers

Learn the characteristics of a tax return that triggers audits by the IRS – then how to avoid them with a comprehensive guide.
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