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What Qualifies for Business Energy Tax Credits?

The Inflation Reduction Act introduced a variety of new corporate energy tax credits and deductions. See what qualifies for federal energy tax credits in 2023.

2023 Tax Calendar

A quick reference for the 2023 IRS tax calendar, with due dates and filing schedules for common federal tax forms.

Corporate Tax Planning

Understand the latest tax developments and how they could impact your corporate tax planning and management strategies.

State Conformity to Federal Bonus Depreciation

Use this state IRC conformity chart to compare state conformity to federal bonus depreciation and learn the bonus depreciation qualified property rules.

Inflation Reduction Act: New Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax and Tax Credits

The Inflation Reduction Act imposed a new corporate alternative minimum tax and expanded tax credits. This article details key corporate tax planning takeaways.

How to Calculate Net Operating Loss for Corporations

Understand the NOL formula, deduction calculation, and how recent changes to carryback and carryforward rules impact corporate tax planning strategies.

Can Corporate Tax Returns Be Filed Electronically?

Navigate the corporate income tax return e-filing process, including Form 1120 requirements and deadlines

Business Entertainment Expenses and Deductions

Understand the basic rules and exceptions to deducting business meal and entertainment expenses from your corporate income tax filings.

Tax Implications of Mergers and Acquisitions

Learn how to navigate corporate M&A tax implications, including tax planning strategies for both the target and acquiring corporations.

R&D Tax Credits and Deductions

R&D credits can save your organization thousands of dollars per year. Learn more about these credits and deductions, if you qualify, and more.
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