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Whatever your clients’ needs are, you’re certain to address them quickly and accurately – only with Bloomberg Tax & Accounting software solutions.

Income Tax Planner

Save time, ensure accuracy, streamline the tax planning process, and minimize your clients’ tax burden with the most respected name in income tax planning.

Estate & Gift Tax Planning & Compliance

Estate & Gift Tax Planner

Create accurate, professional, and compelling estate plans and presentations for your clients.

Estate & Gift Tax 706 Preparer

Simplify preparation of the 706 Form and related federal forms. Estate & Gift Tax 706 Preparer handles all the calculations for you.

Estate & Gift Tax 709 Preparer

Complete federal gift tax returns faster and with greater confidence with software that streamlines form preparation and automatically performs computations with accuracy.

SuperForm® Tax Forms

Pick up where your tax preparation software leaves off with the tool that provides every form you’ll ever need – and does the calculations for you.

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