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2023 Tax Outlook

Our 2023 Outlook is now available.

This report carefully examines the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (H.R. 5376) – which includes a sweeping social spending and tax package – providing the most relevant news, resources, and research to help you prepare for changes.

Download the Outlook for the comprehensive research you need to fully understand the impacts:

News and Analysis

  • What to expect in 2023
    • Clean Energy Credit Questions Linger Ahead of Labor Rules
    • The New Clean Hydrogen Production Tax Credit, Explained
    • Treasury Mulls Strict Rules for Tax-and-Climate Law’s Excise Tax
    • Will the Cruise Industry Navigate Around the Minimum Tax?
    • Tying Together ESG Reporting and Corporate Tax Transparency

Tax Automation & Fixed Assets

  • Discover how the Inflation Reduction Act impacted corporation AMT and bonus depreciation
    • Accelerated and bonus depreciation
    • Major changes in the corporate alternative minimum tax
    • Bonus or no bonus
    • Simplifying fixed asset modeling

Corporate Tax Survey

  • This executive summary highlights the biggest trends impacting tax departments today
    • Top tax department challenges
    • Anticipating more regulatory enforcement
    • Reducing costs and promoting efficiency
    • Hiring, recruiting, and retaining workers
    • Most effective tax technologies

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