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Operate globally and remain in compliance with information and insights for every country in the world.

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Get the latest information and expert analysis of ever-changing global tax policies and developments in one place.

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With on-the-ground analysis and practical insights from our extensive network of expert practitioners, you get more time to work on strategic planning.

Confidently navigate the complex landscape of international tax laws and regulations to ensure compliance with all applicable tax laws in every major tax jurisdiction.
Monitor changes in transfer pricing rules globally and oversee the implementation of global transfer pricing compliance.
Ensure your company remains in compliance with its worldwide tax obligations and tax-related financial disclosures.
Conduct tax research and analysis to support international business decision-making and cross-border tax planning initiatives.

Expert analysis and practice tools

Country Guides and VAT Navigator on Bloomberg Tax Research help you comply with tax laws and regulations across more than 220 countries and jurisdictions.

Global tax news and developments

Our fully customizable global tax news publication on Bloomberg Tax Research features breaking news and practitioner commentary for more than 200 jurisdictions to help you effectively manage your compliance strategy and face any tax challenge.

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Explore over 22,500 full text treaty documents on Bloomberg Tax Research – including foreign language and English translations – featuring expert analysis and the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy-to-use international tax treaties database.

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Reduce risk, save time, and stay up to date on tax deadlines across countries with Compliance Tracker on Bloomberg Tax Research. Automate the manual process of gathering and verifying international tax forms and due dates, and get alerts about approaching filing obligations.

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Tax-focused automation capabilities in Bloomberg Tax Workpapers create more efficient workflows and remove risk from your process so you can spend more time on higher-value activities.

Trustworthy AI

AI-powered answers within Bloomberg Tax Research save you time while still giving you the same reliable response you expect from our trusted analysis.

“Whether it’s looking up definitions for permanent establishment in the treaty finder or using the document translator to translate receipts from local finance teams for tax returns, Bloomberg Tax Research is fantastic for our needs.”

Alex Garcia
Senior International Tax Analyst
Avnet, Inc.

“Have really enjoyed the recent enhancements to the Tax Withholdings Calculator on Bloomberg Tax. The inclusion of Business Profits has been a real timesaver. This feature alone has been a tremendous asset to me and my team to answer questions by our business operations team.”

Paul Kohout
Vice President of Tax
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

“One of my favorite international tax solutions is the Withholding Tax Chart Builder. This tool allows me to easily determine the withholding tax rate between two countries for common transactions such as dividends, interest, and royalties, with the click of a button. The additional commentary available regarding reduced withholding rates and treaty rates is also beneficial.”

Jennifer Koorie
Corporate Tax Manager