Discover the new generation Bloomberg Tax suite

Smarter automation

Reap the benefit of tax-focused automation capabilities – so you can spend your time on higher-value activities and remove risk from your process.

Integrated workflows

With tax tools that talk to each other and share data through key integrations, you can have confidence that everything from data gathering to calculations to reporting will be consistent and efficient.

Embedded intelligence

Don’t interrupt your workflow to track down the latest rules and regulations – our expert research is the backbone of easy-to-use templates, automatically updated formulas, and AI-powered answers to save you time.

Update your tax tools now

In just 30 minutes, we can show you how our integrated tax tools will slash the time you spend on manual processes with the confidence that you’re working with the best intelligence.

“Any real-world business has layers of complexity that Bloomberg Tax Provision handles smoothly, which homegrown spreadsheets just can’t. Bloomberg Tax Provision not only does it all for me but significantly increases the precision of the calculations.”

Sherri Throop
Tax and Financial Reporting Manager
Novo Building Products

“We rely on Bloomberg Tax Research to ensure we are as up to date as possible on legislation that concerns the tax industry. It is a consistently accurate and appreciated product.”

Matthew Smedley
Maximus, Inc.

“Having automatic updates allows us to focus on other things. Once we become aware of any changes, we know that it will be updated in the platform. Bloomberg Tax Fixed Assets does the calculation and makes all future changes.”

Tom Goodwin
Senior Accountant
Cronimet Corporation