Income Tax Planner

Know you’re accurate

Calculations, analytics, and the application of the most up-to-date regulations are handled automatically, ensuring your data is always reliable.

Deliver with certainty

Side-by-side comparisons of different scenarios give clients a clear view of their options and make it easy for you to lead them to the best tax-saving strategies.

Build trust quickly

Complex income tax situations can overwhelm clients fast. Knowing they can always come to you for the optimal solution earns you a reputation of expertise — and that spreads quickly.

Compare multiple scenarios side-by-side

Run year-end, quarterly, and multiyear tax projections for up to twenty years and account for different ‘what-if’ scenarios to advise the best long- and short-term tax-saving strategies.

Automate complex calculations

Automatically calculate federal, state, and nonresident income taxes for alternative minimum tax, capital gains, phase-outs, carry-overs and more with the most up-to-date calculations available.

Easily import data to reduce errors

Our integrations make transferring client data from commonly used tax preparation software fast and simple, saving you time and reducing data-entry errors.

Have trusted intel at every turn

Expert analysis and the latest tax law updates are automatically applied to help minimize your clients’ tax liabilities.

Present with clarity and confidence

Ready-to-use letters, graphs, and reports make it simple to show clients their income tax options and guide them toward the best strategy.