International Tax Planning for U.S. Corporations

Get a global view of your tax liability and how key federal and international tax rules impact your bottom line

Tax laws and regulations around the world are constantly evolving. Understanding and managing tax risk within a rapidly changing global tax landscape has become increasingly important to multinational businesses for planning effective tax strategies, maintaining compliance, and ultimately reducing risk. Bloomberg Tax’s international tax planning solutions can help you navigate tax laws and understand your tax position wherever you do business.

Better understand your global tax position

Bloomberg Tax has practice tools and expert guidance to help corporate tax professionals assess the impact of global tax law changes and react quickly when changes occur. Browse our free resources below to understand the latest international tax developments and what you need to know to stay ahead.


Latest Developments Around Pillar Two

Please join us for a timely discussion on how your company can prepare for the changes to come and how you can manage new compliance and reporting requirements.


2022 Final Foreign Tax Credit Regulations

The Treasury and IRS published the third set of proposed foreign tax credit regulations in November 2022. This complimentary OnPoint – an exclusive summary of ready-to-use presentation slides – highlights what you need to know.


OECD Pillar Two Implementation Roadmap

Get an expert breakdown of the status of Pillar Two implementation by country – as well as indicators for each jurisdiction’s commitment to implementation.

An important part of any corporate tax planning strategy is staying ahead of new and changing tax laws around the world and understanding how these laws interact, so you can successfully navigate compliance challenges and manage a business entity’s tax burden. This international tax planning guide highlights several opportunities for U.S.-based multinational corporations, as well as potential pitfalls and compliance risks to be aware of.

Bloomberg Tax helps you comply with confidence

Tax laws and compliance requirements across the world are constantly changing, creating uncertainty and adding more complexity to an already complicated field. Take charge of your corporate tax planning with expert analysis and guidance, timesaving practice tools, primary source documents, and more. Learn how Fortune 500 company Avnet uses Bloomberg Tax to save time on international tax research spanning 140 countries.

Bloomberg Tax is your single source for comprehensive international tax news and research. Request a demo to see how Bloomberg Tax can help you better understand your international tax position and develop sound strategies with in-depth research and analysis of how important changes to global tax rules affect the tax liability of multinational corporations.

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