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Untangle regulatory confusion and prepare for federal tax developments to stay compliant and optimize your corporate tax planning strategy.

Relying on unproven resources when preparing federal taxes for a business may result in unwanted attention from regulatory bodies – or worse: financial risks, legal implications, and lost productivity. Avoid costly mistakes and potential audits with trusted, detailed tax research from Bloomberg Tax.

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Only Bloomberg Tax provides you with exactly what you need for compliance and peace of mind as you tackle planning – through expertise, primary sources, and key resources you won’t find anywhere else. With expertise and thought leadership relied on by the country’s largest and most respected accounting firms and businesses, you can be sure the intel you’re getting is the best and most trusted – anywhere.


2022 Inflation Reduction Act Roadmap

Download this roadmap to learn more about the tax provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act.


2024 Federal Tax Calendar

Keep track of key tax deadlines and avoid penalties and late fees with the most common forms and due dates for individuals, businesses, and tax-exempt organizations.


Advanced Energy Project Credit Guidance

The IRS opened access to $4 billion of advanced energy project credits. Understand how to qualify, the application process, and key deadlines with this report.

For corporate tax practitioners, it’s always important to stay on top of new and expiring federal tax provisions to understand how they may affect you or your client’s tax liability – and this year is no exception. After almost 30 years without major tax reform, Congress passed sweeping changes to the federal tax code through a series of laws – starting with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) in 2017 and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act in 2020 – that include extensions of existing tax credits and some brand-new tax regimes to incentivize certain initiatives.

As tax practitioners prepare their corporate tax planning strategies for the year, some of the big-ticket items to watch for are outlined below. Corporate taxpayers and tax preparers should be aware of new changes so they can leverage all credits and deductions available to them, ensure a smooth filing process, and avoid costly errors.

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Bloomberg Tax offers comprehensive research to tax professionals focused on corporate tax planning. Our trusted, detailed tax information enables you to stay on top of the latest tax developments. Download our Inflation Reduction Act Roadmap for a deep dive into the tax provisions and credits enacted as part of the IRA, including information on eligibility and effective dates.

The resources on Bloomberg Tax pair the proven expertise and perspectives of leading tax practitioners in our renowned Tax Management Portfolios with integrated news, in-depth analysis and insights, primary sources, practice tools, and more – all delivered on an advanced technology platform that quickly gets you the essential information you need when you need it. Request a demo to see it for yourself.

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