Welcome to the SuperForm Tax Forms Installation Page

Note: In order to ensure a seamless transition from one tax year to the next, we are changing the location where your saved documents will be stored. Documents created with the current version of the program will now be stored in the Documents folder. In the past, if you accepted the default path during installation, a folder indicating the year of the program was created to store your forms. If you would like to continue to store your forms by year, you can rename the Documents folder to the current year (e.g., 2013).

Installation Instructions

1.      To Install SuperForm, download the installer.
         Download the installer »

2.      Select Run to install the product.

3.      Follow the on-screen instructions.

4.      Enter your 16-character Identification Code, which appears in the Product Fulfillment email you received. To copy and paste the code, copy the number from the email and simply put the cursor in the first box and paste. The code will be placed in the four boxes in the correct format.

5.      A SuperForm launch icon will appear on your desktop – you can now launch the product from that icon or the Start menu as long as your computer has access to the internet.

If directed by customer support:
Download SuperForm alternate installer »

If you are installing SuperForm on multiple computers, please log out from each computer before downloading from the next computer.
Log out of Download Page »

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