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Technology Companies and Tax Compliance Amid Covid-19

Prepare your organization and your clients for a sharp turn toward technology in the wake of the coronavirus. As major players including Facebook, Google, and Apple seek to shift the compliance and legislative scales in their favor, the Technology Companies and Tax Compliance Amid Covid-19 report explores key tech considerations impacting the global tax landscape.

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  • Asset shifting and taxes on stock-based compensation in Altera Corp. v. Comm’r, U.S. 19-1009 and the impact on multinational companies.
  • H.R. 7066 and necessary aid as employees return to work after organizations received funds from the Paycheck Protection Program.
  • Microsoft’s pledge to become carbon negative by 2030 and the actions they’ll take in the near future to make that a reality.
  • The move toward a digitalized tax system and digital alliances.
  • OECD’s progress on Pillars 1 and 2.

Technology and compliance with Bloomberg Tax.

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