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Latest Tax Implications on Financial Services

Balance sheet discrepancies, tax fraud, and unhappy industry investors are shaping the future of global financial services and tax compliance. The United States presidential election brings additional concerns to practitioners as the country faces what lies ahead in a post-pandemic world.

As lawsuits, arrests, and scandal abound, our special report examines the tax implications of these events.

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  • Wirecard’s missing $2 billion, the arrest of their former CEO, and implications for Germany as a financial industry location
  • $2 billion Cum-Ex tax refund fraud scandal that spans Denmark, Germany, the U.S., and Dubai
  • Institutional equity investors’ fear over the outcome of the election – even more so than the threat of Covid-19
  • HSBC Holdings Plc continued tax scandal and recent related lawsuits
  • Elimination of a special tax on bank deposits to stimulate Slovakia’s post-pandemic economy
  • Concerns surrounding loan forgiveness qualifications under the Paycheck Protection Program and fraudulent applications
  • Questions on the minds of CPAs and attorneys regarding estate and life insurance considerations

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