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Diversity and Inclusion Studies: The Struggle to Meet D&I Goals

There are numerous studies that cite the benefits of a diverse workforce. Diversity and inclusion promotes creativity, nurtures better decision-making, and ultimately translates into bottom-line benefits. While some industries have made great strides in accomplishing their diversity goals, others lag behind.

As an organization that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Bloomberg Tax wanted to understand how the tax and accounting industry is faring in this important area. To that end, Bloomberg Tax surveyed more than 400 tax and accounting professionals at the manager level and above across both accounting firms and corporations about the current state of diversity and inclusion in their respective organizations.

While the survey revealed widespread support for diversity and inclusion, the results show that there is still more ground to cover if firms want to attain greater levels of diversity. For instance, up to one-third of current staff are considered flight risks because of challenges that remain with diversity and inclusion issues.

Download this special report to discover where the industry stands today, which areas of diversity and inclusion efforts are most successful, and those areas where respondents indicated large gaps between stated intentions and reality.

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