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Detailed Analysis of the Model GloBE Rules

The OECD’s Pillar Two proposals for a 15% global minimum tax will significantly increase the complexity of international tax reporting for MNEs and require substantial compliance resources.

Discover the impact to your MNE and constituent entities with this special report. Our analysts provide an in-depth look at the Model GloBE Rules and how they apply to your business. We examine the need to implement mechanisms for reporting, tracking, and making top-up payments, along with a breakdown of which taxes are affected and how to calculate them.

Topics include:

  • Identification of MNE Groups & Constituent Entities
  • GLoBE Income Calculation
  • Calculation of Covered Taxes
  • Calculation of the Effective Tax Rate and Top-Up Tax
  • Imposition of the Top-Up Tax

Download this special report to understand your tax exposure and ensure compliance.

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