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2019 Credit Losses

Learn about how ASC 326 is certain to impact financial reporting for leading corporations – and how to effectively plan ahead.

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2019 Credit Losses explores how the credit loss landscape is set to be transformed by the implementation of ASC 326. This new standard from FASB is sure to impact how corporations can write down losses on financial assets and poses significant risks to companies that don’t plan ahead for the new standard.

From ASC 326 to other pressing issues for financial accounting professionals, get the insights you need to provide your clients with the most up-to-the-moment advice possible. This report features the following articles:

  • Credit Loss Disclosures Vital to Investors: SEC Chief Accountant
  • Auto Lenders Face Earnings, Interest Hits From Credit Accounting
  • Bank of America Tweaks Loan-Loss Model Ahead of New Rules
  • SEC Updating Loan Loss Guidance Ahead of New Accounting Rule
  • Brexit Uncertainty Complicates Bank Disclosures of Bad Debt
  • Options Under New Credit Loss Rules Perplex Bankers
  • Big, Regional Banks Disagree Over Credit Loss Rule Changes
  • Pressure Builds to Delay U.S. Credit-Loss Accounting Rules
  • Banks Seek Exemption From Fair-Value Requirement in Leasing Rule

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