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2022 Q4 Quarterly Outlook

Our Q4 Quarterly Outlook is now available.

This special edition report carefully examines the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (H.R. 5376) – which includes a sweeping social spending and tax package – explaining changes to your tax provision and insights on the role of automation.

This timely, interactive report helps you stay ahead of important developments — with the most relevant news, resources, and research – so you’re always prepared.

Download the Q4 issue to better understand how tax software can be leveraged to reduce the impacts of H.R. 5376:

News and Analysis

  • Practitioner Insights into the Inflation Reduction Act
    • Tax Credits in U.S. Climate Deal Bring Paris Accord Goals Closer
    • Minimum-Taxed Corporations May Pass by Opportunity Zones
    • For the IRS, Great Funding Power Comes with Great Responsibility
    • Misguided IRS Funding on Enforcement Is Destroying Its Service

Tax Automation

  • Leverage automation to stay ahead of H.R. 5376 impacts
    • Track legislative changes
    • Respond faster
    • Save time and reduce risks

Inflation Reduction Act Roadmap

  • Affordable Care Act extension
  • Excise tax on stock buybacks
  • Funding IRS tax enforcement
  • Expanded energy incentives
  • Corporate minimum tax

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