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2022 Q2 Quarterly Outlook

Our just-released Q2 Quarterly Outlook provides a comprehensive look at the automation trends that are streamlining tax workflows far and wide to save time, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Providing a timely breakdown, this interactive report helps you stay ahead of important developments — with the most relevant news, resources, and research – so you’re always prepared.

Download the Q2 issue to understand the impacts of automation:

News and Analysis

  • Global tax rewrite
  • Cryptocurrency updates
  • State-level developments

Tax Provision

  • Navigating rule changes
  • Complying with tight deadlines
  • Finding the right tools for your situation

Tax Automation

  • Areas where automation is most useful
  • Data challenges to consider
  • Implementation tips and guidance

Survey Results & Trends

  • The Local Tax Department Survey
    • Types of taxes imposed
    • Publicly available guidance
    • Authorization of local taxing powers

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