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2021 Payroll Outlook

There is certain to be a shift on the federal, state, and local levels due to the change in administration as Joe Biden settles in as president of the United States.

As you keep your eyes and ears to developments most relevant to employers and employees, our 2021 Payroll Outlook is your strategic guide on what to watch.

Receive expert insights and analysis across the following trends:

Worker status

  • Labor Department’s five-factor test

Wages and related legislation

  • Joint-employer test federal appeal
  • Workforce data collection
  • Raise the Wage Act
  • Mandatory tip pools
  • Minimum wage changes by state

Biden administration changes

  • Wage and hour classification policies
  • Labor Department investigations

Employee benefits

  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Paid sick- and family-leave benefits

Unemployment and tax rates

  • Tax rate changes
  • Federal Unemployment Tax Act credit reduction
  • Lowered tax rates for certain states

Covid-19 in 2021

  • Employee retention credit extension
  • Large vs. small employers
  • PPP loan acquirement
  • Second draw loan availability

International considerations

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