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2019 Payroll Year-End Report

The end of the year is a busy and important time for payroll professionals. The annual reconciliation includes tax calculations, reviewing compensation and expense records, and ensuring compliance with income-withholding requirements. Given the complexity of the process, employers must strive to avoid costly errors as they wrap up the current year and prepare for the new year.

To help employers navigate this busy time of year, employment tax and benefit professionals at KPMG LLP and Bloomberg Tax have teamed up to provide resources for year-end payroll developments and duties.

2019 Payroll Year-End covers a wide array of topics, including sections on policy issues, changes reflecting the requirements of the recent U.S. tax code overhaul, and common concerns at year-end that have been identified as historically troubling for employers.

Download your complimentary copy today to benefit from clear guidance on how to handle – and prepare for new changes in – issues surrounding:

  • Health savings account contributions
  • The new Form W-4
  • State and local paid leave
  • Awards, prizes, and gifts
  • The white-collar overtime rule
  • Group-term life insurance
  • The gig economy

For more information and year-end resources, return to the Payroll Year-End homepage

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