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2019 Financial Accounting Outlook

The year of 2018 was one of change and instability: in government, with our climate, around technology and cryptocurrencies, and certainly within the global economy. If 2018 was a year of uncertainty and instability, 2019 will be one of change, implementation, and regulatory response. It remains to be seen how much policy can serve as an antidote to economic inertia and the unpredictability of the economy. Combating the uncertainty created by a volatile 2018 won’t be easy, but investors would be wise to return to basics with a renewed focus on corporate fundamentals.

Financial reports and their embedded financial statements are the true reflection of domestic and international production and have always been the most adept forecaster of growth and recession.

Find out how the accounting practices of global industries will be affected by regulatory reform and technological shifts in Bloomberg Tax’s 2019 Outlook – Financial Accounting.

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