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2018 Tax Developments for Estates, Gifts, and Trusts

We are pleased to introduce our Special Report for Heckerling – 2018 Tax Developments for Estates, Gifts and Trusts: The Bloomberg Tax Perspective with Expert Commentary from the Bloomberg Tax Estates, Gifts and Trusts Advisory Board (the “Special Report”). We hope that you find the Special Report to be a useful desktop resource that you may refer to throughout the year on a number of tax issues relating to the Trusts and Estates practice.

The Special Report provides a comprehensive and insightful overview of tax and nontax developments that have been used to update and expand Bloomberg Tax’s Estates, Gifts & Trusts Portfolios, Tax Practice Series, and Practice Tools (Client Letters, Elections & Compliance Statements, Fast Answers, Practice Guides & Checklists, and Transactional Diagrams). We believe that the developments selected for inclusion in our products provide necessary guidance and clarification as well as significant value and insights to our subscribers, and we incorporate such developments in a timely manner for the most efficient and accurate use of our various products.

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