Bloomberg Tax Portfolio Offers Insights on Section 403(b) Arrangements

Arlington, VA(July 27, 2018) — Bloomberg Tax today announced the release of a new edition of the Tax Management Portfolio: Section 403(b) Arrangements. This portfolio assists advisors working with public schools, hospitals, and other tax-exempt organizations and their employees in developing retirement plan strategies to optimize savings through the advantageous use of §403(b) arrangements. This Portfolio is available as part of a subscription to the Bloomberg Tax research service.

Authored by Jon Hughes, partner, CKR Law and James Olson, counsel, Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP, this Portfolio examines the varieties of §403(b) arrangements under the Internal Revenue Code, including annuity contracts, custodial accounts, and church-maintained retirement income plans. Section 403(b) Arrangements provides tax advisors with in-depth analysis about this complex area of tax law including detailed discussion of eligibility, different arrangements, applicable tax and ERISA rules, distribution rules and tax incentives, and how errors can be corrected.

“As the growth in the number of tax-exempt organizations continues to outpace that of for-profit organizations, more tax practitioners will be presented with questions about §403(b) arrangements,” said George Farrah, editorial director, Bloomberg Tax. “Jon Hughes and James Olson are two of the industry’s leading experts in the area of employee benefit plans and they have provided our customers with the most current, authoritative analysis and practical guidance in this area.”

Bloomberg Tax’s award-winning Tax Management Portfolios™ are the trusted source for thorough, topic-driven, in-depth analysis of tax topics and issues.  Written by a network of outside practitioners with deep expertise in their given areas, tax professionals benefit from our Portfolio authors’ rich, real-world experience, enabling them to provide exceptional tax guidance.

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