Bloomberg Tax & Accounting Unveils Next Generation Suite of Integrated Solutions, Revolutionizing the Corporate Tax Process

New integrated suite of connected applications transforms manual processes in corporate tax workflows, powered by trusted tax intelligence and robust automation technology

Arlington, Va. (April 4, 2024) — Bloomberg Tax & Accounting today announced its next generation suite of integrated solutions that modernize the corporate tax process, from data collection to tax calculations that power key deliverables. These connected applications solve tax professionals’ day-to-day workflow issues, transforming disjointed, manual processes into a seamless workflow and providing intelligence exactly where users need it.

Bloomberg Tax & Accounting’s suite of solutions includes its best-in-class research product and innovative software solutions including Bloomberg Tax Provision and Bloomberg Tax Fixed Assets. The essential link between products is the recently launched Bloomberg Tax Workpapers, a first-of-its-kind workpapers product that is a game changer for challenging tax calculations.

Data from multiple business systems is prepped automatically and feeds into users’ tax calculations, including those for Provision, Fixed Asset depreciation and more, all supported and powered by Bloomberg Tax Research’s intelligence.

“We currently use Bloomberg Tax Provision, Research, and Workpapers” said Becky Hawkins, Associate Tax Director at Riveron. “It’s great to have tools that are interconnected so that you’re not having to go to multiple platforms.”

“For too long, tax professionals have been hampered by outdated tools and tax software solutions that are focused on the last mile rather than the complete corporate tax workflow. Our smarter, modern suite of solutions was built for today’s tax practitioner – to address their challenges, their needs, their process,” said Lisa Fitzpatrick, president, Bloomberg Tax & Accounting. “Bloomberg Tax changes the way tax professionals source and prep data using automation. Our AI-powered tools inform tax calculations right at the point of application. And our integrated products take users’ data further than ever before.”

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