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Our technology experts and corporate tax solutions equip you with tomorrow’s tech M&A, R&D, and digital services tax intel across jurisdictions. Risk-proof your corporate tax strategy – and improve your bottom line – today.

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Developments are happening – poor corporate tax planning can cost you

Corporate tax departments need to know what’s on the horizon, so they can effectively manage their assets and take the right action. Otherwise, they leave their organizations open to missed opportunities and damaged tax positions.

Poor mergers & acquisitions prep

Corporations are in a race to own emerging technologies and expand their market share. Tech mergers and acquisitions require scenario modeling and tax-focused analysis of transactions and integrations across departments, processes, and even accounting methods.

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Research & development costs

Expenditures related to the tax treatment of research and development should be forecasted ahead of time. Knowing the types of activities that will incur costs, the correct amortization process, and performing calculations easily helps corporations improve their bottom line.

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Failure to keep up with global tax shifts

DSTs tax gross revenue and lead to higher marginal tax rates depending on profitability. Effective global tax management faces Digital Services Tax inconsistencies more as the need for digital tech rises to reach across borders.

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What is Bloomberg Tax & Accounting?

Bloomberg Tax & Accounting spans two solutions for corporate tax planning and fixed assets management. Our practitioner-driven platforms deliver analysis, data, and software that help you seize tax opportunities or manage the fixed assets life cycle.

Industry resources to fuel today’s action – and tomorrow’s corporate tax plans

Bloomberg Tax

Research tools for tax planning

Get the research, news, and practitioner analysis you need. Equip your tax department with:

  • Primary source materials
  • 500+ Tax Management Portfolios
  • Breaking corporate tax news
  • Corporate tax rates by country

Bloomberg Tax & Accounting Fixed Assets

Software solution for tax management

Mange the fixed assets life cycle from construction and acquisition to disposal with:

  • Accurate depreciation calculations
  • Data synchronization
  • Shortened closing times
  • Automatic federal tax regulations and GAAP rules

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Bloomberg Tax is your single researching and planning source to:

  • Leverage knowledge from over 1,000 global tax practitioners
  • Stay ahead of IRC conformity state by state
  • Model depreciation methods through tax planning software

Manage the complete fixed assets life cycle

Bloomberg Tax & Accounting Fixed Assets software is the risk-reducing tool that helps you:

  • Create books and reports for the most complex states with built-in depreciation rules
  • Generate a federal-to-state tax depreciation comparison
  • Maintain a thorough and secure audit trail of all changes

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