Leases: Lessor Perspective—Recording the Lease (Portfolio 5129)


Joseph Sebik

Director, Tax Reporting

Siemens Corporation

At a glance

I. Introduction and Scope of Portfolio
II. Recording a Sales-Type Lease
III. Recording a Direct-Finance Lease
IV. Issues Applicable to Both Sales-Type Leases and Direct-Finance Leases
V. Recording an Operating Lease
VI. Accounting for the Acquisition of a Residual Interest


Bloomberg Tax Portfolio 5129, Leases: Lessor Perspective–Recording the Lease (Accounting Policy & Practice Series) explains, analyzes and illustrates the recording of leases from the lessor's perspective. The Portfolio also discusses the disclosure requirements relevant to leases.

The Portfolio explains and illustrates in detail how a lessor should record a sales-type lease, a direct financing lease, an operating lease and a leveraged lease. The sixth in a subseries of Portfolios on accounting for leases, this work augments APP 5114, Accounting for Leases: Fundamental Principles; APP 5120-2nd, Leases: Lessor Perspective - Economics; and APP 5128, Leases: Lessor Perspective - Classification.

The FASB and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) are collaborating to revise and converge their standards on Accounting for Leases. This Portfolio will be updated as necessary to reflect any new rules or principles. For a summary of the most recently proposed rules and their potential impact on lessor accounting, see APP 5114, Accounting for Leases: Fundamental Principles at Section I.D.

This Portfolio may be cited as Bloomberg Tax Portfolio 5129, Sebik and Starczewski, Leases: Lessor Perspective - Recording the Lease (Accounting Policy and Practice Series).

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