Employee Plans — Deductions, Contributions and Funding (Portfolio 371)


James Holland, Jr.

Chief Research Actuary


At a glance

I. Introduction
II. The Scope of §404
III. Deductions for Contributions to Profit-Sharing and Stock Bonus Plans
IV. Defined Benefit Pension Plans
V. Money Purchase Pension Plan
VI. Deductions to Combined Plans
VII. Deductions for Contributions to Simplified Employee Pensions and SIMPLE Accounts
VIII. Deemed IRAs
IX. Uniform Capitalization and Long-Term Contract Rules
X. Penalty for Excess Contributions
XI. Deductions for Other Types of Plans
XII. Qualified Foreign Plans
XIII. Minimum Funding Standards
XIV. Individual Benefits Limits
XV. Make-Up Contributions for Reemployed Veterans


Bloomberg Tax Portfolio, Employee Plans — Deductions, Contributions and Funding, No. 371, deals with the various limitations under §404 relating to deductions for contributions to qualified plans, the contribution and benefit limits imposed by §415 and the minimum funding rules of §412. The Portfolio also examines the application of §404 for contributions under nonqualified plans, the deduction rules of §419 for contributions to funded welfare benefit plans and the special rules of §404A for contributions to certain foreign deferred compensation plans.

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