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Tax Issues of Educational Organizations (Portfolio 482)

  • This Portfolio analyzes various topics regarding taxation and legal issues that confront educational organizations.


Tax Management Portfolio, Tax Issues of Educational Organizations, No. 482, analyzes various topics regarding taxation and legal issues that confront educational organizations. These issues include the effect of public policy on educational organizations, scholarship and fellowship grants, the unrelated business income tax (including the issue of corporate sponsorships), charitable contributions, and nondiscriminatory racial policies for private schools. Also included is a look at the implementation of intermediate sanctions for exempt organizations violating private inurement rules. The Portfolio also addresses the numerous tax incentives for education, some of which impose reporting requirements on educational institutions.

The Detailed Analysis provides a discussion of the issues mentioned above as well as other issues affecting educational organizations. Several helpful items have been included in the Worksheets to assist in explaining topics mentioned in the Portfolio.

Some issues involving educational organizations are discussed in greater detail in other portfolios and reference to them has been made where appropriate.

This Portfolio may be cited as Gorsline and Kirksey, 482 T.M., Tax Issues of Educational Organizations.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction; General Principles
II. Racial Discrimination
III. Sexual and Gender-Based Discrimination
IV. Unrelated Business Income Tax — §511, §512, and §513
V. Audit Guidelines
VI. Tax Incentives for Education
VII. Tax on Excess Executive Compensation
VIII. Fringe Benefits
IX. Charitable Contributions
X. Employment Tax Obligations
XI. Retirement Plans
XII. Tax-Exempt Bonds
XIII. Intermediate Sanctions
XIV. Electronic Filing
XV. Public Inspection of Exemption Applications and Annual Returns

Bryson Kirksey
Burns, Henry & Kirksey, P.C.
Frank Cureton
Frank Cureton
Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, P.A.
Ron Gorsline
Hudson Cook, LLP
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