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Business Operations in Brazil (Portfolio 7040)


Tax Management Portfolio, Business Operations in Brazil, No. 7040, contains information designed to enable foreign interests to consider the requirements and principal problems encountered in conducting business or making investments in Brazil.

Among other subjects, the Detailed Analysis discusses the various types of business organizations in Brazil, and the taxation of corporations and individuals, both resident and nonresident, in particular, the transfer pricing rules and the various measures for the avoidance of double taxation.

The Worksheets in this Portfolio include a list of the double taxation agreements and other tax-related agreements signed by Brazil. An excerpted tax return form for corporations is also included.

This Portfolio may be cited as Utumi and Carvalho, 7040 T.M., Business Operations in Brazil.


Table of Contents

Detailed Analysis
I. Introduction
II. Operating a Business in Brazil
III. Forms of Doing Business in Brazil
IV. Taxation
V. Taxation of Domestic Corporations
VI. Taxation of Foreign Corporations
VII. Taxation of a Branch
VIII. Taxation of Partnerships
IX. Taxation of Resident Individuals
X. Taxation of Nonresident Individuals
XII. Transfer Pricing Rules
XIII. Avoidance of Double Taxation
Ana Cláudia Akie Utumi
Utumi Advogados
Lucas De Lima Carvalho
Lucas De Lima Carvalho
Senior Tax Associate
Tozzinifreire Advogados