Business Operations in Belgium (Portfolio 7030)

  • This Portfolio gives a summary of the main business and tax laws of Belgium, as well as general background information concerning operations in the country.


This Portfolio includes detailed analysis of Belgian company law, corporate and individual income taxation, Belgian income tax treaties, and indirect taxation, especially value added tax (VAT).

The Worksheets contain, among other things, an English translation of standard corporate articles and the full text of the Belgium-United States tax treaty.

Table of Contents

I. Belgium: The Country, Its People and Economy

II. Operating a Business in Belgium

III. Forms of Doing Business in Belgium

IV. Principal Taxes

V. Taxation of Domestic Corporations

VI. Taxation of Foreign Corporations

VII. Taxation of a Branch

VIII. Taxation of Partnerships

IX. Taxation of Individuals — Residents

X. Taxation of Individuals — Nonresidents

XI. Inter-Company (Transfer) Pricing

XII. Bilateral Tax Treaties

Pascal Faes
Senior Tax Counsel
Antaxius Advocaten
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