Woo Taik Kim

Tax Partner
Kim & Chang

Woo Taik Kim is a tax attorney/CPA in Kim & Chang's General Tax Consulting Practice Group in Korea. Mr. Kim joined the firm in 1979, and contributed to the growth of the group. He supervises and coordinates large projects involving cross-border transactions, structured loans, foreign investment, license arrangement, and long-term contracts. He also provides assistance to multinational enterprises on their business operations. He is a participating member of BIAC, Tax Committee as well as IFA Korea.

Mr. Kim is a Certified Public Accountant in Korea and New York, as well as a Certified Tax Accountant in Korea.

Graduate School of Business, Columbia University (1972)
College of Business Administration, Seoul National University (1970)

Tax Management Portfolios™

  • Business Operations in the Republic of Korea (Portfolio 7210)


    Tax Management Portfolio, Business Operations in the Republic of Korea, No. 7210, deals with the taxes and tax problems most likely to be encountered by foreign firms doing business in the Republic of Korea. The Detailed Analysis provides a summary of the Korean tax system and detailed treatment of the major taxes affecting business: the individual and corporate income taxes and the value added tax. Tax presence is discussed separately, in detail, because of its importance as a threshold issue. The Worksheets include corporation tax forms and tax rates. This Portfolio may be cited as Kim and Choi, 7210 T.M., Business Operations in the Republic of Korea.

    Table of Contents

    Detailed Analysis I. The Republic of Korea: The Country, Its People, Government and Economy II. Operating a Business in Korea III. Forms of Doing Business in Korea IV. Tax System and Principal Taxes V. Taxation of Corporations VI. Taxation of Foreign Corporations VII. Taxation of Branches VIII. Taxation of Partnerships IX. Assets Revaluation Law X. Taxation of Individuals XII. Inheritance and Gift Tax XIII. Transactions Between Parties in a Special Relationship XIV. Value Added Tax Law XV. Tax Incentive Limitation Law XVI. National Tax Basic Law XVII. Surcharges XVIII. Land-Related Tax XIX. Avoidance of Double Taxation

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