Ralph Benke, Jr.

Professor Emeritus of Accounting
James Madison University

Dr. Ralph L. Benke, Jr., was an Arthur Anderson/Journal of Accounting Education Professor (1988-1997); and is Professor Emeritus of Accounting (1997-Present) at James Madison University where he was the also Director, School of Accounting (1984-1986, 1994); Director, Center for Professional Development (1991-1993); and Director, Accounting Information Systems Concentration (1988-1993).

Dr. Benke has won numerous teaching awards. His teaching experiences include University of Idaho (1972-1974); Florida State University (1974-1977); University of Georgia (1977-1981); James Madison University (1982-1997). He has served as Founder and Editor of the Journal of Accounting Education (1982-1987) and as Founder and Director of the Center for Research of Accounting Education (1981-1984, 1986-1993).

Dr. Benke's publications include: Transfer Pricing: Techniques and Uses (National Association of Accountants: New York, 1980); College Edition of DacEasy Payroll (1995); College Edition of DacEasy 4.3 (1994); The Financial Accounting Cycle (1992); College Edition of DacEasy 3.1 (1991); Faculty Performance Appraisals (1990); Dimensions of Faculty Research (1990); Research in Testing (1990); Research in Accounting Education (1986); Essays on Accounting Education (1986); The Financial Accounting Cycle (1985).

He has contributed articles to numerous accounting and financial periodicals including: Accounting, Organizations, and Society; Review of Accounting Information Systems; Journal of Accounting Education; Management Accounting (Lybrand Silver Medal, 1982; Lybrand Gold Medal, 1996); Changes in Accounting Education; Accounting Education; Computers in Accounting; Management Accounting Newsletter; Kent/Bentley Review of Accounting and Computers; Journal of Applied Business Research; Mary Ball Washington Forum Series in Accounting Education (West Florida University); Journal of Cost Analysis; New Accountant; Virginia Accountant; Advances in Accounting; Cost and Management; CPCU Journal; The Accountant's Magazine (Scotland); The Michigan CPA; Managerial Planning; Best's Review; National Public Accountant.

CMA, Ph.D., Florida State University
M.B.A., University of Washington
B.S., Washington State University

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