Joseph Sebik

Director, Tax Reporting
Siemens Corporation

Joseph Sebik is CPA registered in New York and is a Director of Tax Reporting at Siemens Corporation where he is responsible for specialized tax reporting for tax-oriented leasing and financial structures. He has over 30 years of lease accounting, tax, financial reporting and financial structuring experience with Price Waterhouse, IBM Credit Corporation, Citicorp Global Equipment Finance, and JP Morgan Capital. Mr. Sebik has co-authored several Accounting Policy and Practice Portfolios, including Bloomberg Tax and Accounting Portfolio 5114, Accounting for Leases: Fundamental Principles; 5117, Leases: Lessee Perspective; 5118, Leases: Lessee Perspective—Selected Topics; 5120, Leases: Lessor Perspective – Economics; 5128, Leases: Lessors – Classification,  5129, Leases: Lessor Perspective – Recording the Lease, and 5174, VIE Consolidation Model: Identifying Variable Interests and Entities Considered VIEs

Mr. Sebik is also a recurring speaker at Equipment Leasing & Finance Association (ELFA) Accounting and Tax Conferences and has authored numerous articles on leasing and structured financing transactions. He is the Chairman of the ELFA’s Federal Tax Committee and has served on the ELFA’s Accounting Committee for over 15 years.

B.A., Accounting, Queens College of the City University of New York (1977) with Graduate credits towards MBA, Tax/Controllership, St. Johns University

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