David J. Cholst

Chapman and Cutler LLP

David Cholst provides tax advice relating to tax-exempt bonds; he represents 501(c)(3) organizations, governmental issuers, underwriters, and counsel.

He was a member of the Advisory Committee on Tax-Exempt and Government Entities from 2009 through 2012, providing feedback to the IRS, and was a past member of the Steering Committee for the Bond Attorneys Workshop and member of the faculty of the NABL Tax and Securities Law Institute in most years since 1989.

He has designed much of the software used by Chapman and Cutler for computations relating to municipal bonds.

Bloomberg Tax Management Portfolios

  • Tax-Advantaged Bonds (Portfolio 183)

    This Bloomberg Tax Portfolio breaks out key concepts, such as issue price, single-issue treatment, and multi-purpose rules, that have applications to many of the rules related to tax-advantaged bonds.