Conor O’Brien

Tax Senior Manager
Deloitte Tax, LLP

Conor O’Brien (Principal Author) is in Deloitte’s Washington National Tax Office, focusing on Blockchain and Digital Assets. Conor began his tax accounting career with Deloitte Tax in 2007, and in 2018 he returned specifically to work with Rob Massey in the Blockchain and Digital Asset space. Since then, he has played an integral role in analyzing various cryptocurrency specific transactions and concepts to gain a greater understanding of their factual underpinnings. Conor has participated in structuring and launching projects for decentralized protocols, token issuers, NFT issuers, DAOs, exchanges, custodians, and staking as a service provider. Additionally, he has performed in-depth analysis of various proof of stake blockchains, as well as various DeFi platforms including decentralized exchanges and decentralized lending platforms.

Conor enjoys rolling his sleeves up and experiencing the technology first-hand to develop a clear vision of how these novel tools work, and to determine how they might be viewed from an income tax perspective.

Tax Management Portfolios™

  • Taxation of Cryptocurrency and Other Digital Assets (Portfolio 190)

    The Portfolio, Taxation of Cryptocurrency and Other Digital Assets, No. 190 covers the U.S. federal income taxation of digital assets, analysis of the 2023 proposed broker information reporting regulations for digital asset transactions (REG-122793-19 (Aug. 29, 2023)) and the new IRS draft Form 1099-DA intended for brokers to report information related to disposing of a digital asset.

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