Bruno Gouthière

CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre

Bruno Gouthière has been a partner with CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre, international tax department, since 1989. Previously, he was Chief of Staff, International Tax Relations, Tax Policy Department, Ministry of Finance. He is the author of reference books in international tax law, such as “Les Impôts dans les affaires internationales”, “Les Holdings”, “The International Guide to Holding Companies” (IBFD, co-editor), co-author of various books on “Wealth” (Memento du Patrimoine), “Civil Companies” (Memento Sociétés Civiles), Groups of Companies (Memento Groupes), etc., and of numerous articles in French and foreign legal, tax, and financial reviews. He is notably a member of the Transfer Pricing Advisory Board of the Tax Management International Journaland a member of various associations of tax practitioners such as the International Fiscal Association (“IFA”). He is Vice President of the European Fiscal Confederation (“CFE”).

Master in Law, the University of Paris, graduated from the Institute of Political Science of Paris and the Ecole Nationale d'Administration
B.S., Economics, the University of Paris

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