Antti Lehtimaja


Antti Lehtimaja heads the Tax practice at Krogerus in Helsinki, Finland. He advises clients on corporate and international tax matters, such as transactions, disputes and general advice. Previously, while working as a corporate tax specialist in the Finnish Tax Administration, he acted also as a presenting officer at the Central Tax Board, a body that gives advance tax rulings in Finland.

Master of Laws with court training, Helsinki District Court (2000 - 2001)
Master of Laws, University of Helsinki (1998)

Tax Management Portfolios™

  • Business Operations in Finland (Portfolio 7120)

    This Portfolio provides information on the country and its business climate, concentrating on Finland's corporate law and corporate tax rules, to enable U.S. and other foreign businesses to understand the commercial and legal framework likely to be of concern to them in their business dealings with Finland.

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