Dr. Amnon Rafael

A. Rafael & Co., Law Offices

Founder and Head of A. Rafael & Co., Law Offices in Israel, Dr. Amnon Rafael is the author of the leading textbook on Israeli taxation. He has written numerous articles on taxation and authored the Portfolio on Business Operations Israel in Bloomberg BNA's Tax Management series, as well as the chapter on Israel in Spitz's Tax Havens Encyclopedia.

Fr. Rafael taught taxes at Israeli universities and frequently appears before professional audiences. He has represented and given legal advice to Israel's major banks, industrial companies and many high net-worth individuals. He has litigated many tax cases, some of which have become leading precedents. He advises many corporations which employ his specially designed tax plans for their business, mergers & acquisitions and restructuring.

A special and significant part of his practice concerns the international taxation of corporations and high net-worth individuals. Amnon Rafael was the head of the Rafael Committee, which suggested a reform of Israel's international taxation rules, a member of the Schesinsky Committee in 1989 and the Ben-Bassat Committee in 2000, which proposed major reforms of the Israeli tax system.

LL.M., Taxation, New York University
J.S.D., New York University

Tax Management Portfolios™

  • Business Operations in Israel (Portfolio 7180)

    This Portfolio gives businesses (particularly American businesses) and their professional advisers the technical tax and corporate data, as well as the general background information they should have in order to properly evaluate a proposed commitment in Israel and to cooperate fruitfully with Israeli counsel and CPAs.

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