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Take your international tax planning to the next level with international tax solutions – analysis, tax rates by country, practice tools, international tax news coverage.

The value of Bloomberg Tax Research

  • Stay ahead of the latest tax changes with global news coverage and expert analysis on the developments that matter to you
  • Backed by expert tax practitioners from around the world, our platform was created to serve your specific workflow and focus
  • Like our tax treaty database and international portfolios, each resource is created to give you the full picture, making it easier and faster to perform comprehensive research

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International tax management experts

Our extensive network of expert practitioners spans the globe, providing on-the-ground analysis and practical insights for the countries that matter most to your operations. Congratulations to our international tax author award winners – meet them here.

Our international tax planning customers

Bloomberg Tax Research is the most comprehensive research tool for international tax professionals.
Ali Khan
The Brunton, Strachan & Khan CPA Firm, Chartered

International corporate tax planning

Several regulations are changing the global tax landscape. Learn more about our resources for international tax planning and compliance.

International news and effective tax planning

Never miss what matters – Daily Tax Report: International. Effectively manage your compliance strategy with breaking news, insights, and special reports designed to help you face any tax challenge.

Related international tax resources

International tax customer resources

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Country and U.S. international Portfolios

Access in-depth expert analysis with over 100 Portfolios and view country-by-country perspectives for more than 220 jurisdictions with Country Guides and VAT Navigator.

Practice tools

Streamline your workflow with comprehensive tools including the Multilateral Instrument (MLI) Tool, BEPS Tracker, and chart builders on international withholding, VAT, and more.

Tax treaties

Explore full text treaty documents including foreign language and English translations featuring expert analysis and the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy-to-use international tax treaties database.

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